3 yr old Storytelling

Proof that we never really change: this is from a letter my dad wrote when I was 3 years old.

Laura is still real cute. She is growing up. The main thing that she does different is imagine. Now when she plays with her dolls, one of them is Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and the other is the Prince. The basic script runs something like this: The prince has to fight the dragon. Then Laura says, “Throw the sword!” after which the prince makes a throwing motion. The dragon goes “Arrg, kerplunk”. The prince tries to find Sleeping Beauty. He finds her. He gives her a kiss. She wakes up, they dance. Sleeping Beauty is now Cinderella, because she says “I must go!”  The prince has to say “Don’t leave!” Cinderella leaves, losing her slipper on the way. Then the prince finds her and puts her slipper back on. The prince then has to fight the dragon and the cycle continues. That script can also be used with her Mickey and Minnie, and Donald and Daisy figures. There are many variations on the theme.  One variation is that Sleeping Beauty doesn’t wake up on the first kiss. Sometimes the Prince kisses Sleeping Beauty and falls asleep too.


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