So, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve run out of blog posts in my queue.  In the last month and a half, there was a big medical emergency in my immediate family which lasted several weeks, I was also taking a 6-week online class in literary translation, and I got a really bad fever/cough/cold combination on top of my chronic illness.   The emergency is over, the class is over, and I don’t have any extra sickness floating around, but I’m dead exhausted, burnt out, and between the various lawn crews that refuse to come at a decent hour and the dog we’re watching waking me up far too early for an insomniatic girl with a chronic illness, I’m still quite dead.

Good thing I didn’t plan on getting anything done in June?

For a head’s up, family is coming to visit the last couple weeks of June.  Then in July I’m planning on participating in Camp NaNoWriMo again.  I really really like Camp NaNoWriMo. I like it better than the regular one in November.  It suits me much better, as I’ve learned from trial and error.

I’m still on alpha/beta-reading sabbatical.  Trust me, it’s for everyone’s benefit that I get myself un-burnt-out first.


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