Queen draft 2.0

If draft 1.0 was just to get a working story with a beginning, middle, and end, draft 2.0 is about hammering out contradictions within the “finished” narrative and making each part interlock better in preparation for giving this to beta-readers to read.

April-May 2013.

Finished draft 1.0 mid-April. I took the rest of April and all of May off from Queen while working on my literary translation class.

June 2013.

Started the new draft by writing a new scene near the beginning of Part 1.  I never knew how good it’d feel to write a new scene in a second draft. I’ve done multiple drafts of a story before, but I’ve never had to overhaul a story to the extent I’m going to have to overhaul this one.  And yet? Instead of being upset that my draft 1.0 didn’t turn out perfectly, I find myself really happy to revise and graft a new scene in. Weird. But nice. If I could make my first draft perfectionism kick the bucket forever, I’d be ever so pleased.

Otherwise, finished smoothing over Part 1, started part 2. Linking scenes and parts together better. Sandpapering off the rough edges in the prose, too. Or maybe not sandpapering, but…what’s an apt metaphor.  Cutting things up a little to see what’s inside? (Ew, gross. Back away slowly.)  Yes, anyway. I need to tinker with prose earlier on than is stereotypically wise, because if I don’t I can’t see what’s on the page.  I just see a lot of tangled knots. (Someone stop me before I mix my metaphors anymore than I’ve already done, please.)

July 2013. Camp NaNoWriMo.

I was hoping to revise Queen while doing a different project with NaNoWriMo. But then my laptop screen died after the first week and that took about a week and a half to get repaired.  Thereafter I realized I was trying to split my energy too many ways and decided to finish up my first translation pass of Persinette instead of anything else.

August 2013. In which I learn about inertia.

Bad health made for a lot of starting and stopping, starting and stopping.  I’ve discovered it’s REALLY hard to revise when your head isn’t in it and it’s extremely frustrating to get your head back into holding onto the parts it needs to hold onto in order to revise.   By the last week I think that if I can just keep up momentum and plug away and not stop, I will be okay.

…And it turns out better than okay.  Apparently I got the third trimester pregnant-lady bug and just wanted THIS THING DONE. In the “Get it out, get it out now” sort of way.  As I write these lines on the 31st of August, I have spent hours every day this week working on finishing revisions on this draft.

Two years ago I started this story.  It was really hard to write.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried before–and way above my skill level to pull off.  I am not usually this slow at drafting anything, even while sick.  But two years is still a long time on a novella and I would really love to get to a different project.  So I dove in and I did my best and I put in all my free time and more than my energy and I did little else but this.   (I apologize to everyone I ignored and for every grumpy, exhausted comment I’ve made.)

And Draft 2.0, as of 3 PM on August 31st, is done! My next post will be to request reader help.  September will be spent finishing draft 1.0 of Persinette.


– – –

ETA: Oh man, so tired I forgot to say stats.

Draft 2.0 comes in at 44,436 words.  I added a lot and took away a lot, though draft 2.0 is about 3k longer than 1.0


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