Need Readers for Queen

So, I’m officially asking for readers willing to alpha/beta-read my novella Queen of the Eight Banners.   (I have an alpha-reader who reads along as I write, but she didn’t see the whole thing from start to finish, so you can probably call yourself either an alpha-reader or a beta-reader and get away with it. 😉 )

If you’ve never done this before, basically I’m not asking for an editor’s feedback, I’m asking for your reader reactions, so you don’t need any special training to do this.  I’m looking to know what interested you, where you were bored, if anything confused you, if you liked/disliked parts, if it makes sense, if the characters were believable.  I don’t care about grandiose, high school English-class stuff of theme or tone or whether or not a secret authorial message has come across.

Check out my post on Alpha-reading if you want more ideas of what I’m looking for.

As for whether or not you should volunteer – Queen of the Eight Banners

  • clocks in at about 44,000 words, which is roughly half the size of a typical novel
  • is historical fantasy inspired by 17th Century China’s situation, involving political relations between the Chinese, Mongolians, and the Manchu/Jurchens.   (The Gui, the Gols, and the Hu in my version.)  Half of the events in this novella are historical and half are my invention.   Also, well, there’s magic and a few action-sequences. Mwahaha?
  • has a literary bent

So if you don’t like literary historical fantasy with political maneuvering, magic, and some battle sequences that isn’t fully novel-length, this story is not for you.   If it’s not for you, don’t waste your time and mine by volunteering.   Don’t worry, even if we’re friends or I’ve done you favors in the past, you’re not compelled to read it. 😉  But if you’re interested? Great! I’d be ever so grateful if you took the time to help me out with this.

I need it back by December 1.  So you have September, October, and November in which to read it and give feedback.   Sound good?  (If you’re in school, you probably want to start and finish it in September before midterms and projects get crazy. Just sayin’. )

Simply send me an e-mail if you’re interested.  Or if you don’t have my e-mail, leave a comment below using the e-mail where you want me to send you the file.  I’ll be sending out the story as a Microsoft word .doc file sometime later this week.  You’re free to leave comments via track-changes and/or comment bubbles along the way or at the end of scenes or chapters, whatever floats your boat.

-Questions? I am happy to answer them!

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