Fae short story 1.0

Well, I started and finished a short story this month!  And I got it mostly on wordcount target! I am so proud of myself, not gonna lie.   World Weaver Press is doing a fae anthology with a deadline of November 30th for submissions, which is perfect since I’m going to start Queen 3.0 in December and I’ve been craving writing/playing with the fae for some time now.

So I decided to both clear my palate from Queen of the Eight Banners and scratch the eldritch itch at the same time.  I know I swore off short story writing last year, but I found some great advice that was just what I needed to help me get over my particular struggles with the format, and when I swore off short stories it was mostly to keep myself focused on finishing Queen.  So, I’m having a blast with this thing, not taking myself too seriously with it.

I still don’t know what exactly to call it.  For now it’s “The Ring & The Gate” but I’m also toying with “Most Desired.”  It takes place on the plateau des fées (the fairies’ plateau) at the Elsberg gate along the Pagan Wall outside Strasbourg, France near Mont St. Odile in the year 1855.   Yes, that’s a real place!  And yes, that’s highly specific, isn’t it?   It’s a pre-existing character’s backstory, which helps me whip this out pretty quickly.

Here’s a peek at the process.  I set up a Pinterest board so I could have handy access to photos and descriptions. (Yes, beware, some of the sites are in French. :p)  You can also check out my wordcount spread:

fae story process draft 1.0

I cut out the column on the right that contains spoilers on what scenes I was working on. 😉

So, basically, I worked Monday through Saturday for 2 weeks minus one day in the middle of last week when I felt absolutely terrible, sometimes sitting down to write multiple times throughout the day.

Stats for draft 1.0:

Wordcount: 7,561

Wordcount goal: less than 7,500

Days spent planning: 3?

Days spent drafting: 12

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