2014 Goals


I only made one submission in 2013, and that story was short-listed.  This year I’m going to be hopping back on the submissions bandwagon.  It was good to take 2013 off, but now I need to get back to it, so I’ll be tallying up my submissions at the end of the year again.  I’ll be starting 2014 off with two short stories (one a translation) and a novella to put on the market.  I think I’ve decided I want to try to sell first publication rights before I ever self-publish anything this year.  After all, why not?  I don’t have enough completed works ready for self-publishing to be worth it this year, (beyond the translation, that is, which can hold its own weight just fine.)


I don’t have the money to take any courses this year, so I’ll be sticking to coursera courses, I think, since they’re free.  There’s one on archeology and one on the Middle East I’m interested in.  I also don’t have the money to attend any conventions this year, so before you ask, there’s your answer.


I have a goal to read more diverse fiction this year, so I’ll be making a section on GoodReads for that and then tallying up how many books I do.  I also want to continue to read more non-fiction, French language and translated fiction, like my 2013 goal.

I will still be cutting back on alpha/beta-reading.  I did a ton of it in 2011-2012, at the expense of my own projects.  2013 had a better balance, so I want to continue that.  However, I will probably be reading for Critters.org again now and then. We’ll see.


Writing at least a half hour per day, 6 days a week worked really well for me in 2013, so I’m going to start up that goal again as soon as I’m recovered from the holidays.  I’m not going to try to make goals beyond that, except to remind myself that I finish projects faster if I only work on one at a time and make one simple “complete ___” goal per month.


I need to reorganize this wordpress site, and I really need to get something functioning up at littletranslator.com, so I’m going to do that in 2014. Or else!  I’ll probably continue to only update this blog sparingly.  It lets me put more emphasis on my writing and translation projects.


I’ve added one more project to my queue, (of course, I tend to do this), but I think the project will bridge my writing and my translating together, so I think it’s worth it.  Persinette will be ready for publication in 2014.  I’m going to translate a short series of articles about the Fae in France which will link up nicely with a short fiction series I have planned, and I’m still working on Andromeda.


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