Queen of the Eight Banners

For long-time followers of the blog, you’ll know that I spent most of my early years here writing a novella entitled Queen of the Eight Banners.  I’ve done various posts about it, recording what drafting it has been like and what I’ve learned from the process of writing while battling the first years of my chronic illness.

Well, I set it aside in April of this year, not knowing what to do with it.  I’d pretty much resigned to just keeping it on my hard-drive, but I was also unable to fully “trunk” it in my mind.

Well, since September of this year, I’ve figured out something to do with it.

The experiment continues.

ETA: This post was auto-posted at the beginning of the month, but life has been so rough and health so bad I took it down until I was certain I could take Queen off hiatus.


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