Tentative outlook for 2015

So, I’ve never encountered a year that I just had no clue about before.   But 2015, due to my own disability and being a full-time caretaker on top of that, plus a whole bunch of things like being up for review by the disability board and having no idea how much longer my caretakee’s life will last–I just have no idea what to expect, and so very little idea of what expectations to set for myself.

In the past, I would have set goals anyway, then constricted myself thereby and become deeply frustrated.  But I’ve learned that I can accomplish just as much by being flexible and free rather than setting chafing expectations and pressure-inducing goals.

So here’s for being adaptable and using whatever free time and energy I glean to have fun tinkering on things.  My literary translation website is the only thing with set, monthly goals, but the amount covered by each monthly update can be big or small depending on what’s happening on a daily basis, so that should be flexible enough to be an attainable goal. Everything else of interest, we’ll see.

I doubt 2015 will be a year of much output here or in my writing.  I doubt I will be able to do much regular reading or alpha/beta-reading, if any at all of the latter. But it will be a year full of life experiences.

In any case, here’s to switching the calendar over to a new year.

Best wishes to everyone and their goals~

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