Here be Folklore….


As you may or may not know, I’ve been translating French folklore and posting it online at since 2014.

The website I created in 2014 I wrote from scratch in HTML and CSS, mostly so I could organize it any way I wished and avoid the blog-scroll format as the main focus.  However, I haven’t really invested in developing my HTML/CSS skills since the 90s, and unfortunately you can really tell. When Google changed its rules about highlighting mobile-friendly sites’ design in search results a few years back, I luckily did get some help from a patron who was much more experienced at coding websites than I was, and for that I’m immensely grateful.

However, five years later it’s December 2019 and an overhaul is long overdue.  Not only have I been yearning to redo my website’s theme and make it more visually folkloric to match my current emphasis on folklore translations, but my website hosting costs have steadily climbed, and while I’ve been disabled my income hasn’t been all that great. It’s time to change themes, change hosts, and scale back my costs considerably in preparation for self-publishing my upcoming folkloric fiction series which will have higher costs for editing.

Starting tomorrow until the Winter Solstice, I’ll be posting a folktale translation everyday as a way to mirror my site and keep a”back-up copy” while I change things around. It’s long past time for me to merge my literary translator of folklore and fairy tales and my folkloric writer parts of me, in any case, especially since my upcoming fiction series is inspired by the folklore I’ve been reading and translating. I needed that separation once, but perhaps no longer.

Enjoy the folklore!

P.S. As a warning, many of the footnote links won’t work with the move onto this blog, but that’s okay, I’ll fix them again once they reach their new home. 🙂

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