Prequel novel rough draft, complete!

Draft started: May 8, 2019

Draft finished: May 6, 2020 (irony not intentional)

Word count: 70,776

Passes: Two passes on all but last chapter and epilogue, 3 (or more) passes on chapter 5. -.-

Mostly written in: May 2019 (30k, lots of uninterrupted time out in the boonies), November 2019 (retype/fix pass), January 2020 (finished retype in prep for forward progress), April 2020 (covid-19 shut-downs).

Working titles: “Aromantic Masquerade story” aka “aro masq,” or The Prince’s Masquerade.

Tentative “final” title: Fealty.

References to the story on social media:



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