This past December, I started experimenting with various graphic design platforms, just to see what I could do. One Saturday morning, I logged into Canva and had fun making covers for my prequel stories, “Coming Home,” “With Sword in Hand,” and Fealty. A couple weeks later, I realized I could probably make a cover for “What She Saw by Lantern Light,” as well.

Today, I quickly put together a cover for a collection of all my folktale translations to-date, and also adjusted my previously-made covers to include their series title, The Crown of Seasons.

I am not pretentious enough to claim to be a fantastic graphic designer right off the bat. I definitely know these look nowhere near professional standards. However, it feels so good to give these stories some art to represent them.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse at these covers, as well!

You can find the Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of the fiction stories on my Patreon. The folklore collection will be put together at a later date.

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