As “L.A. Christensen” (SFF fiction)

The Dragon’s Gift, Once Given.” (novelette) Fiction newsletter freebie. Dec 2017.

What She Saw By Lantern Light.” (short story) Frozen Fairy Tales anthology. Nov 2015.

Queen of the Eight Banners. (novella) Wattpad. 2014.

#Hallowfic Twitter nanofiction contest winning tweet. October 2013.

Decision at World’s End.” (short story) Breath & Shadow Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2. Spring 2012.

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As “Laura Christensen” (literary translation)

Full E-books:

Persinette (French Fairy Tales & Folklore Book 1) 2015.

Read-for-free translations:

Patreon-only translations:

  • The Green Hunter.” 2015.
  • The White Lady with the Green Slippers.” 2015.
  • Andromeda. 2008.



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