As “L.A. Christensen” (SFF fiction)

What She Saw By Lantern Light.” (short story) Frozen Fairy Tales anthology. Nov 2015.

Queen of the Eight Banners. (novella) Wattpad. 2014.

#Hallowfic Twitter nanofiction contest winning tweet. October 2013.

Decision at World’s End.” (short story) Breath & Shadow Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2. Spring 2012.

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As “Laura Christensen” (literary translation)

Full E-books:

Persinette (French Fairy Tales & Folklore Book 1) 2015.

Read-for-free translations:

Patreon-only translations:

  • The Green Hunter.” 2015.
  • The White Lady with the Green Slippers.” 2015.
  • Andromeda. 2008.



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