Queen of the Eight Banners (novella)

I started QUEEN in July 2011, one full year after I first got sick, and I worked on it off and on up until April 2014.  After three major drafts, it’s the best I could make it.  I’m already a much better writer and would do a lot differently if I could start over from the beginning now, but it’s time to focus on other projects.

Since setting it aside in April, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it.  QUEEN was definitely worth writing, though at this point not worth the effort of professionally publishing.  I realized this yesterday (September 4, 2014) when confronted with getting it edited for cheap.  I simultaneously rejected that thought  and had the idea of using it to experiment with and learn more about Wattpad instead.

So, for the curious, all of my write-ups on process and experimenting and learning more about drafting:

And without further ado…

Ilha’s marriage to the crown prince of the newly-formed Eight Banner Nation gives her people strength against their enemies, the Chakhar Gols, a warring sister-tribe. Yet when the Chakhar leader dies at her hand, Ilha finds not peace but further turmoil, and she must ask herself how far she is willing to go to attain peace for herself, her family, and her peoples.  For the Eight Banner Nation has enemies of its own: an Empire with gunpowder and necromancers at their disposal.  And just when her husband’s victory seems assured, the gods have another fate in mind for Ilha, Queen of the Eight Banners.


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Cover Art by Natasha Alterici.

Cover Design by Amanda C. Davis.



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