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2015 in Review

As predicted, this has been a year of all sorts of personal life disruptive changes.  However, it hasn’t been without its successes.

This year I

Persinette_2-published Persinette (on Patreon, Amazon, eBooksAreForever, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd, and Payhip).

-am pleased to see Persinette‘s received a great collection of ratings and reviews at Goodreads for such a niche book.

-wrote two short stories, one dark and one light, while trying out various methods of writing/typing on my tablet when I had no computer access.  I wrote both of them with anthology submissions as prompts, but even though I completely was not expecting anything out of it, they were both short-listed. o.o

-got a new laptop after months of our trying to fix the old one.  The old one I landed up turning into an internet-less, mostly program-less writing machine, aka The Glorified Typewriter.

-started a new novel project, which is still continuing.  Alas, I’d hoped to have it done by now, but I’ve been making better progress on it than I did with Queen, my last longer-fiction project.  It took me about four years to write 44k on Queen, but I’ve managed to write 40k on this novel.  However, I’m going to have to rewrite a lot of that, since one of the main characters wasn’t working.

-wrote a prequel story to my novel project, then rewrote it based on one reader’s feedback and will rewrite it again based on another reader’s feedback.  I don’t mind though (much), because each time I work on it I learn more about the main character who was giving me troubles and I learn more about plotting short stories that are attached to other stories–which I’ve so far been unsuccessful at.

-received more support at my Patreon towards covering web-hosting costs for my translations.

IMG_0781-put my Bibliography back up, since I have something to actually fill it with now, haha. XD

And last but not least, the light short story, “What She Saw by Lantern Light,” was published in the anthology I wrote it for, Frozen Fairy Tales.