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Kindle This, Nook That

Spark2 & Embroidery

So, everyone is very excited/appalled about the new Kindle additions to the Amazon e-reader family.  Out of all those choices, I would still choose mine. I love the keyboard and the 3G/Wireless option I’ve got. Plus I made a snazzy bag for it.  People kept wanting to see my embroidery work, so there you go!

I have a whole slew of reasons for loving my Kindle and the recent rise of affordable, well-developed e-readers.

  1. Project Gutenberg actually has meaning. All those public domain books are now easy to read.
  2. Adjustable font. You have no idea how much of a life-saver it is to make font bigger with my illness. Just say no to overwhelming panic attacks of swimming tiny text on two pages! Say no! ((Warning, religious: I’m able to read my scriptures again. HUGE perk. HUGE.))
  3. Travel-friendly. I don’t have a home base. Every few years I am on the move, meaning all of my hardcover and mass market books are literally my biggest burden.  Having hundreds of books that weigh as light as a few feathers is absolutely lovely.
  4. Internet at my fingertips. I don’t have internet on my phone (I’m still in the flip-phone age) so this has come in handy too many times to count.
  5. Downloadable samples. You can sample the first 10% of each book before buying.  Now I don’t have to feel awkward reading books in a bookstore. It is so awkward, lemmetellya.
  6. The rise of excellent self-published authors.  It’s now a viable option to self-publish and make a living. (Now I just have to wade through the marshes of badly formatted translated literature, ugh. Or fix it somehow.)
  7. Foreign language fiction books are now within reach as foreign publishers are beginning to put out e-books on a global scale. Hurray!
  8. Short stories are back!  E-readers are most likely saving the dying short story/magazine format.  Novellas now have a viable, comfy place to live as well.
  9. Choose your own adventure and interactive fiction is back!  Text-based games now have their very own “gaming format”.  The iPad has opened up the interactive-art world. Woohoo!
  10. The world is at our fingertips!  There are so many options, anything you want you can have!

All that being said  – Though the Amazon Fire looks cool and probably really can compete against the iPad, I’m leery of buying all my tech from one company. Why put all I own in one set of hands? That doesn’t sound very smart to me…. I mean, look what happened to Crosswinds, then GeoCities. They lost all my stuff. Harrumph.

Thoughts? Need more convincing?