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Real Life Research: Living in Space

I thought I’d just link you all to two videos, they’re both really short and interesting!

And here are 5 interesting factoids learned elsewhere about living in space:

  1. Water clings to you in space, not just itself. For some reason I didn’t realize just how much. See: crying in space & wringing out a washcloth.
  2. Writing a space western? Might want to learn how to play a guitar in zero G.  Gravity affects more than we realize!
  3. Along with that, the space station is both bigger and smaller than I realized. See for yourself.
  4. Sauces/water are wonderful in space. They make your food stick to your utensils!  Also, bread crumbles so use tortillas as a substitute.
  5. If you want to keep something with you, like a notepad–strap it to your leg!  Velcro is your friend.