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“What She Saw By Lantern Light”

Our first snowfall ironically marks the occasion.  My short story “What She Saw By Lantern Light” can now be found in the anthology Frozen Fairy Tales.

Winter is not coming. Winter is here. As unique and beautifully formed as a snowflake, each of these fifteen stories spins a brand new tale or offers a fresh take on an old favorite like Jack Frost, The Snow Queen, or The Frog King. From a drafty castle to a blustery Japanese village, from a snow-packed road to the cozy hearth of a farmhouse, from an empty coffee house in Buffalo, New York, to a cold night outside a university library, these stories fully explore the perils and possibilities of the snow, wind, ice, and bone-chilling cold that traditional fairy tale characters seldom encounter.

In the bleak midwinter, heed the irresistible call of fairy tales. Just open these pages, snuggle down, and wait for an icy blast of fantasy to carry you away. With all new stories of love, adventure, sorrow, and triumph by Tina Anton, Amanda Bergloff, Gavin Bradley, L.A. Christensen, Steven Grimm, Christina Ruth Johnson, Rowan Lindstrom, Alison McBain, Aimee Ogden, J. Patrick Pazdziora, Lissa Marie Redmond, Anna Salonen, Lissa Sloan, Charity Tahmaseb, and David Turnbull to help you dream through the cold days and nights of this most dreaded season.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Kate Wolford
The Stolen Heart by Christina Ruth Johnson
Faithful Henry by Steven Grimm
The Ice Fisher by J. Patrick Pazdziora
Buffalo Wings by Lissa Marie Redmond
Cold Bites by Tina Anton
Death in Winter by Lissa Sloan
Simon the Cold by Charity Tahmaseb
The Light of the Moon, the Strength of the Storm, the Warmth of the Sun by Aimee Ogden
A Heart of Winter by Anna Salonen
Happily Ever After by Amanda Bergloff
The Heart of Yuki-Onna by Alison McBain
The Wolf Queen by Rowan Lindstrom
What She Saw by Lantern Light by L.A. Christensen
The Shard of Glass by David Turnbull
How Jack Frost Stole Winter by Gavin Bradley


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2013 Report

Continuing in the ultimate feel-good post tradition, I’m really enjoying making these!  (Here are 2012‘s and 2011‘s to compare.)

In Memoriam book for Jen 005

In Memoriam

This year I –

  1. With the help of an artist friend, put together a print book edition of a collaborative story J. Tamsin Green and I wrote, then sent it to her for while she’s in the South Pacific for Peace Corps.  I also put together a Scrivener project with everything we’ve ever written together and sent that as well.
  2. Alpha/beta-read 4 novels and 1 novelette, including Charlie Holmberg‘s upcoming The Paper Magician and The Glass Magician with 47North.  (Congratulations on the sale! :D)
  3. Participated in Lisa Carter’s literary translation class Defining Writing Style in May.
  4. Explored other online forms of learning by signing up for Charlie Bowater’s Skillshare art class on character design, Virginia University’s sponsored course on historical fiction via Coursera, and Svetlana Chmakova’s Skillshare class on character design.
  5. Completed my goal of reading at least 45 books this year, reaching a total of 63 books.  8 of which were non-fiction, 0 of which were in French, and 2 translations, as per my goal this year to read more of each of those.  I have more non-fiction, French, and translation titles in various stages of completion that will count towards next year.  I’ve also read several French short stories.
  6. Participated in Camp NaNoWriMo twice in April and July and NaNoWriMo in November.
  7. Finished drafts 1.0 and 2.0 of my historical fantasy novella Queen of the Eight Banners.  So, so glad I got that done!
  8. I won a Twitter nanofiction contest with this tweet.
  9. Wrote a short story “Desired,” which was short-listed for World Weaver Press‘ FAE anthology.
  10. I joined the new Emerging Literary Translators’ Network in America and then set up a directory and submissions market list for it.