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Space Opera/Adventure Wishlist

  • Pilot & navigator duo protagonists, yes please.  (If one of them is female, don’t make the whole point of the story revolve around her femaleness, please. -.-)
  • Great characters and characterization, fully developed & consistent
  • Witty and fun
  • Action sequences are welcome!
  • Respectful towards female and male characters both
  • Romance welcome, but not as an afterthought.   If present, give some thought to the actual relationship and development, not just the attraction/attractiveness aspects
  • Some sort of interesting take on spaceships or hyperspace or jump drives or other forms of FTL travel. (Not a huge fan of cryosleep and slower, generational-ship style stories)
  • Cool tech
  • Aliens that don’t resort to just being overlarge insects.  Humanoids are welcome, though.
  • Telepathy, teleportation, other superpowers and fantastic elements welcome alongside all the fancy tech
  • A nod to actual science is great, but I don’t like it when Science is the whole point of the story, nor do I think we need to limit the story by our current knowledge of the sciences.
  • No heavy-indebted, down-on-his-luck, alcoholic, lazy jerk character takes-a-gamble-for-his-redemption trope
  • Galactic Empire vs. Rebellion, overdone
  • Character’s past is the key to saving the universe, no thanks
  • Some thought towards language & cultural barriers

No story is going to hit all of these (probably), but anyone know of anything that hits most of these?  I’ve been craving space adventures and I have the worst luck finding things I like to read in this genre.