About L.A. Christensen

August 2011

There are really two things you need to know about me.

1. Ever since elementary school I wanted to be a writer. –Yes, I’m one of those.  I’m also one of those people who graduated in an unrelated degree, doing semi-unrelated work for a career, forever writing  on the side.  A few of the more exciting things I’ve done include working in France for a year and volunteering in Armenia for 14 months, just to add some color to the image of me you’re painting in your head.  Yes, I do speak nearly-fluent French and enough Armenian to get by. (Once upon a time I was really good at Latin and fair at Mandarin, as well, but those are tales of days gone by.)


2. I contracted a chronic illness in July 2010 which has since left me unable to work.

Every once in a while, life throws us curve-balls or takes us to crossroads and asks us to make a choice.  When I broke my foot at 16, I chose to give up ballet in exchange for the time to heal and to focus on school and writing.  My sophomore year of college when I realized I was never going to become fluent enough in Mandarin to be professional without going crazy, I switched to French, my hopeless, penniless passion. Now I stand on another threshold, where life is asking me “What will you do?”

My answer? Give my childhood dreams another shot.  My illness has stripped me of much that I once had–but I can still write, word by word, drop by drop, puddle by puddle….

No more is writing my side-passion, my shadow. Now it is my sole anchor, my focus, my lifeline.

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Best known around the Interwebs for writing about Alpha-reading.

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4 responses to “About L.A. Christensen

  • Charlie

    Oh wow, I didn’t know that about the ballet and the illness. Good luck, Laura!

  • MJ

    Hello Laura,

    First of all congratulations on your blog. I have read how you decided to see your illness in a positive way and I think that is truly admirable.

    Also, there is something you wrote about I’d like to ask you further. Any chance I could find you in facebook or send you an email? I tried to find how to send you a private message through the blog but did not find how.

    Thanks for your attention and congratulations once again,


    • Laura

      Unfortunately, since I’m using wordpress.com, this blog doesn’t support wordpress plug-ins. However, you can use the contact form above to contact me.

      Thank you for your interest! I will try to figure out a good way to make it easier for people to contact me directly in the future.

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