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New Website, Fiction ARCs

This year is drawing to a close, but I haven’t stopped learning, growing, creating, becoming.

I am currently completely overhauling my folkloric fiction series. You may already be familiar with the novel I started writing back in January 2015. I detailed its epic length progress here on this writing blog, but went mostly silent about it when I realized I needed to hop backwards into prequels to get to know the characters better.

The results of my foray into prequels can be found at my new author website/hub,

I posted my two short stories and short prequel novel there. Currently everything is an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) since I will do all final revisions once this novel is done and ready to go. But until then, if you enjoy ARCs, sneak previews, and supporting indie authors, feel free to take a look around.

(Anyone who purchases an ARC now will automatically get the final e-book when it’s ready.)

Prequel Short Stories

The Crown of Seasons series is underway!

A tie-in short story was published in the Frozen Fairy Tales anthology.

The ARCs of both prequel short stories are now up on Patreon.

I finished the full rough draft of an extra prequel novel.

Now it’s time to overhaul my draft of One True Lie. I have a blank white wall and several pads of sticky notes. I’m ready!

Prequel novel rough draft, complete!

Draft started: May 8, 2019

Draft finished: May 6, 2020 (irony not intentional)

Word count: 70,776

Passes: Two passes on all but last chapter and epilogue, 3 (or more) passes on chapter 5. -.-

Mostly written in: May 2019 (30k, lots of uninterrupted time out in the boonies), November 2019 (retype/fix pass), January 2020 (finished retype in prep for forward progress), April 2020 (covid-19 shut-downs).

Working titles: “Aromantic Masquerade story” aka “aro masq,” or The Prince’s Masquerade.

Tentative “final” title: Fealty.

References to the story on social media:



House-warming gifts :)

I have some really good news!  Today is the day I move in to a new apartment.

This year has been extremely surreal. Aside from the pandemic which is surreality in itself, (yes, that’s now a word), this year so far I have

  • healed enough to accept a full-time work position
  • been hired full-time as a librarian’s minion
  • found a one-bedroom apartment and am finally moving out of living in other people’s homes

I have been disabled for ten years. I’ve been living in other people’s homes–either with relatives or via pet/housesitting–for all of that time.  But today is the day that changes. I am so excited.

To celebrate, I am giving away a free party-favor. Fairer will be free through this Friday.

Since I can’t actually hold a house-warming party, please enjoy a lovely reading session curled up in your favorite reading spot, sipping your favorite beverage.

If you would like to give a house-warming gift in return, I would love it.  After unwrapping gifts, we could sit at my low table on pillows and play card games and enjoy whimsical conversations full of folklore and our favorite books and writers.  What are you reading now? Have you watched The Mandalorian?

I’ll admit, the first two proper pieces of furniture I bought for my new apartment are a writing desk and chair. I can’t wait to assemble them and start using them! It will be great to have a workspace all my own again. 🙂

See you around!


2019 in review

In 2019,


This year’s new release:


Fairer released!

Fairer Cover

Once upon a time, there was a princess so beautiful that her people named her Fairer-than-the-Fairies.  Of course, with a name like that, Fairer was destined for trouble.

When the wicked queen of  the fairies hears of Fairer’s reputation, the wicked queen swears to avenge her fairies’ pride. She captures the princess and condemns her to complete an impossible task by daybreak on pain of death.

But while Fairer is held prisoner, she meets a fellow captive—another mortal  princess—and the rebellious fairy prince. Together, they must complete  the wicked queen’s tasks and rescue the good queen of the fairies or all is lost.

Read two translations of this lesser-known 1698 French fairy tale, with commentary, and discover a tale featuring the power of friendship and love in its many forms. Come for the princesses and princes, queens and fairies. Enjoy the poetry, ancient history, and mythology. Stay for the friendship, and, perhaps, fall in love.


Fairer is now released on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited:

Amazon US:

Universal link to all Amazon stores worldwide: Fairer.

With more retailers to come!

And it looks like the algorithm gods have provided us with a page for Fairer on Goodreads.

Next Fairytale E-book

I’ve been hard at work translating, researching, writing, and revising my next fairy tale translation e-book, to sequel Persinette.

Feel free to follow my progress on Patreon! Or else stay tuned, my next post here will likely be in celebration of its release. 🙂

“I Will Never Be in Doctor Who”

So far this year I’ve mostly paused working on my novel to dive into various applications, including writing and submitting shorter pieces.

Today my poem “I Will Never Be in Doctor Who” has been published on quarterly magazine.  It explores the intersection of disability and science fiction.

Go forth and read.

(I seem to also be sharing an issue with a fellow World Weaver Press sister-writer. This writing world is small indeed.)

2018 in review

In the spirit of accomplishments, this year I

  • wrote over 100k words on my novel (probably over 120k?) written this year, increasing my overall writing pace.
  • hit 245k three times as I wrote, unraveled, and rewrote large sequences. Yep, I like big books, I cannot lie.
  • translated 5 folktales
  • completed another translation draft of “Fairer”
  • applied for several grants and a residency program in France.  A girl can dream, right?
  • renewed my passport and driver’s license, and got back to driving again, yay health improvements!
  • with driving comes A LIBRARY CARD and going to the library!
  • continued being a moderator for


From coniferous forest to….

Currently pausing forward progress on my novel rough draft by going back and readjusting/revising generic mountainous forest setting description to…this.

Aka I did my research wrong in the beginning and I need to go back and adjust several chapters to be more awesome.

(Current wordcount: 245k)