The State of Things

Well, today is the last day of July.  I have four pages left to do of my first pass of translation on a short story today, so I’m going to do that.  I AM. I AM GOING TO MAKE PROGRESS AND IT WILL BE GRAND.

Originally for Camp NaNoWriMo I wanted to get 10k written for my interactive fiction game, Legend of Little Fox, but… it ended up being a huge hassle to try to get back into it, and not worth the hair-pulling and head-desking when I have other projects that are probably more deserving of my attention.  So since my laptop died (and was repaired a week or so later, no worries) I’ve been working on finishing the first pass of my short story translation instead.

We also had family here for about two weeks, and I am exhausted, yessiree.  Three sets of family staying with us at about two week intervals for the past three months.   So if you’re confused about why I’m still mostly absent from… well, everything and everywhere, that’s why.

Laura is burnt out, yes.

But now that I have a quiet house in which to catch up on sleep and my laptop repaired, I’m hoping that August will be filled with Queen‘s 2.0 draft and getting a rough translation finished of Persinette.

Once Queen 2.0 and Persinette 1.0 are done, I’ll be sending those out for fresh pairs of eyes to look at.  I’ll let you know.

I’m also starting preliminary research about Persinette and Mlle de la Force, so I can draft up a brief biography of the authoress and her work.  If I’m going to hit any academic libraries, I’d prefer to do so in August before university’s fall semester starts.

Ah yes, and eventually I need to get into something more presentable.  I need to actually knuckle down and do that.

So yes, that is The State of Things.

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